Sunday, February 28, 2010


Minggu hujung February yang sangat produktif, this is what I called as 'edible architecture'.

Mr.F: basuh baju, kereta, toilet, buat bekfast? *pengsan*, syabas mera beta. (roti yong, mayonis izul, ayam, bawang and carrot beli)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I' m Dreaming

Im so happy to get this copy of National Geographic, published on the October 1987, so classic. I was 4 years old that time. Pretty young boy. Look closely at the National Geographic wording, yeah, I mean the 'cup-trace' (ada term lain ke?). Was it a cup of coffee? tea? slimming tea? (ala orang Malaysia bole je minum jus dalam cawan) How about we think it this way? Who has been using this magazine as a coaster? whose cup is that? Gagaga, policemen? teacher? pilot? sex worker? Is he/she still alive? pretty scary right? haha I m not quite sure whats playin around my mind right now. But what I know is, I am going to make a 'cup-trace' art.

Favourite cup from Campbells. (hey its a soup mug dude!)
Firmly pressed (kotorkan bawah cawan dengan kopi)
Left : unknown, Right : Its Fadzli's
A piece of ' cup-trace' art.

Mr. F : Now look closely at the highlight, WOMEN OF ARABIA, that time, the 'west' has already started talking about 'the veil of secrecy'-tudung, burqa, gender bias, freedom. And that time, kita sedang asyik dengan zaman 80's.